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Welcome To The Oxygen Alliance


Member Community

The member community of the Oxygen Alliance is a diverse group of stakeholders who share a common goal: to make a real difference in the healthcare ecosystem by prioritising the maintenance and repair of biomedical equipment. Our members are dedicated to creating a culture of sustainability and resilience in healthcare.

Strategic Collaborations for a Resilient Future

The heart of our initiative is the formation of strategic partnerships that drive us closer to our vision of a sustainable and resilient healthcare infrastructure. This is how we work:

Founding Members

Community 11 Oxygen Alliance

Sanrai International​

Sanrai International is a founding member of the Oxygen Alliance. Headquartered in New York, with offices in South Africa, Colombia, India, and UAE, Sanrai focuses on bringing innovative medical equipment to underserved markets.

Community 13 Oxygen Alliance

Open O2​

The Open O2 team within the Global Health Informatics Institute is a founding member of the Oxygen Alliance. Located in Malawi, the Open O2 team has repaired more than 500 oxygen concentrators. Learn more on their website.


Community 15 Oxygen Alliance

Ministry Of Health - Malawi​

The mandate of the Ministry of Health Headquarters (HQ) is to set the agenda for health in Malawi in collaboration with stakeholders. The Minister of Health provides Government’s Policy directions on health matters.

Community 17 Oxygen Alliance

Ministry Of Health - Uganda​

The Ministry of Health is a cabinet-level government ministry of Uganda responsible for planning, delivering, and maintaining an efficient and effective healthcare delivery system, including preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services


Community 19 Oxygen Alliance


Established in 2020, AAMUSTED in Ghana focuses on skills training and entrepreneurial development. Stemming from COLTEK and CAGRIC, it offers 9 faculties across two campuses in Kumasi and Asante-Mampong. The university excels in TVET, nurturing industry-ready professionals and entrepreneurs.

Community 21 Oxygen Alliance

Acanova Africa​

ACANOVA, fostering a just world with equitable healthcare, propels vulnerable communities through disruptive innovation, dedicated learning, and sustainable ecosystems. This beacon of health and operations research prides itself on nurturing talent and unlocking potential.

Community 23 Oxygen Alliance

All Nations University

All Nations University, established by the All Nations Full Gospel Church, offers quality higher education in Ghana. Starting with 37 students in 2002, it now has over 2000 students across 13 accredited programs. ANU blends academic excellence, innovation, and Christian values, preparing students for professional and personal success.

Community 25 Oxygen Alliance

Arusha Technical College

Established in 1978, Arusha Technical College (ATC), a joint venture of Tanzania and Germany, offers cutting-edge engineering and technology education. Nestled in Tanzania's vibrant Arusha City, it's a gateway to iconic African landmarks and wildlife. ATC excels in producing industry-ready graduates across various engineering disciplines, striving for academic excellence and innovation.

Community 27 Oxygen Alliance

Escola de Engenharia Clinica ​

Focused on democratizing knowledge in health technologies, Escola de Engenharia Clinica,the School of Clinical Engineering offers a platform for education and collaboration on YouTube, aiming to make healthcare technology accessible to all.

Community 29 Oxygen Alliance

Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute ​

ECUREI stands as Sub-Saharan Africa's premier center in ultrasound and medical imaging training. Birthed from profound collaborations and pioneering vision, it blends healthcare training with exemplary service delivery, aiming to be a beacon of excellence in healthcare education.

Community 31 Oxygen Alliance

Kenyatta University​

Kenyatta University, a leading Kenyan institution, is devoted to maintaining and surpassing its high standards. With a commitment to world-class status, it focuses on quality and relevance, nurturing graduates who excel in various professional spheres.

Community 33 Oxygen Alliance

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology​

Situated amidst Kumasi’s lush landscape, KNUST is a hub of scientific and technological learning. Embracing a collegiate system for efficiency and excellence, it stands as a model for African technological education, attracting a diverse student population.

Koforidua Technical university

Koforidua Technical university

Rapidly advancing, Koforidua Technical University, originally established as a Polytechnic in 1997, has evolved into a hub of technical education and applied research. Its mission is intertwined with industry collaboration, aspiring to be a world-class science and technology reference point.

Community 36 Oxygen Alliance

Makerere University​

Makerere University, established in 1922, has grown from a humble technical school to one of Africa's most prestigious universities. It offers a diverse range of programs, including medicine, agriculture, and veterinary sciences, evolving into a key center for higher education in East Africa.

Community 38 Oxygen Alliance

Malawi University of Business & Applied Sciences​

MUBAS, committed to stewarding academic missions and strategic visions, excels in technological education and training for sustainable development. It stands as a center of excellence, advancing knowledge in science, technology, commerce, and communication.

Community 40 Oxygen Alliance

Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST)​

MUST, established in 2012, envisions being a world-class center in science and technology education, research, and entrepreneurship. Offering a conducive environment for quality education and research, it fosters economic growth in Malawi and beyond, nurturing expertise in various scientific disciplines

Muhimbili University of Health & Allied Sciences

Muhimbili University of Health & Allied Sciences

MUHAS is committed to advancing knowledge, technology diffusion, and providing superior higher education and research. It emphasizes the intellectual, aesthetic, social, and moral development of its students, fostering a holistic approach to healthcare education.

Valley View University

Valley View University

Valley View University, a center of value-based Christian education, fosters comprehensive development in students and staff. With a well-designed learning environment, it commits to meaningful service to God and humanity, nurturing intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual growth

Community 43 Oxygen Alliance

University of Ghana

Founded in 1948, the University of Ghana excels in research and learning, aiming to be a world-class research-intensive institution. Located in Ghana’s vibrant capital, it offers diverse programs and hosts renowned research centers. Known for its extensive international collaborations,


Community 45 Oxygen Alliance

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare​

Drive DeVilbiss has been a pioneer in oxygen therapy since 1977. Their mission is to enhance life quality, making them a respected name in the respiratory and homecare industries.

Community 47 Oxygen Alliance

Peak gas Generation​

Peak Gas Generation offers on-demand, high-purity oxygen solutions through their i-Flow O2 generators, aiming to reduce the logistical and financial burdens of traditional gas supply methods.

Healthcare Organizations

Community 49 Oxygen Alliance

Center for Public Health and Development​

The Center for Public Health and Development (CPHD) is a nongovernmental that aims to bring innovative solutions to public health challenges in the Eastern African region

Community 51 Oxygen Alliance

Health Port ​

HealthPort leverages digital solutions to streamline care coordination and resource management in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs), aiming to improve healthcare access.

Community 53 Oxygen Alliance

Prime Biomedical Healthcare Technologies​

Prime Biomedical Uganda provides maintenance, repair services, & consultancy to Health facilities with the aim of Improving the quality of healthcare

Community 55 Oxygen Alliance


Rikair’s mission is to provide innovative medical gas and equipment solutions to save lives. At Rikair, our service is as precious as oxygen.

Community 57 Oxygen Alliance

MPGS Acuitas

MGPS ACUITAS provides a complete insight with regards to medical gas pipeline systems (MGPS). We work closely with established internationally renowned stakeholders in the Healthcare Industry and our full range of services are specifically tailor-made to the Public and Private Healthcare Industry in Africa.

Community 59 Oxygen Alliance

Build Health International

Build Health International (BHI) promotes global equity by developing high-quality health infrastructure to enable access to dignified and affordable healthcare to those who need it most.

Hatch Technologies logo

Hatch Technologies

Hatch Technologies is a nonprofit organization that originated from NEST360, a bold initiative committed to ensuring that every hospital in Africa can deliver life-saving care for small and sick newborns. Our mission is to transform the way newborn care devices are distributed, supported and used in order to reduce neonatal mortality in Africa. 

Community 62 Oxygen Alliance

Better Futures CoLab

Better Futures CoLab, funded by FCDO and delivered by DT Global and Brink, is a collaborative platform incubating solutions for global challenges in supply chains, health systems, and climate. It aims to build resilience and currently focuses on Oxygen CoLab and Vaccine Data CoLab.

Community 64 Oxygen Alliance


FREO2 Foundation (FREO2) is a global not-for-profit organisation that aims to reduce the number of deaths of babies and children suffering from pneumonia or hypoxia in low-and-middle-income countries (LMIC’s). We envision a world where every child can breathe, live and thrive.

Community 66 Oxygen Alliance

DAK Foundation

The DAK Foundation is a Private Ancillary Fund founded by Dave and Kerry Rickards in 2010. We partner with DGR accredited organisations in Australia (in particular with Partners For Equity) to support projects around the world. We are a small dynamic team that looks to utilise and enhance existing capacity rather than build something new from the ground up.

Community 68 Oxygen Alliance

Touch Health

Touch Health helps build the health systems of the future for sub-Saharan Africa by strengthening the foundational building blocks of high-quality care: a strong healthcare workforce, working in well-resourced, well-managed health facilities, ensuring that patients can receive the high-quality care they need and deserve, when and where they need it.

Professional Organizations

Community 70 Oxygen Alliance

Association of Medical Engineers of Kenya​

AMEK was constituted to promote and enhance professional and raise recognition and development of members , the profession , art, science and practice of related disciplines in health care technology.

Community 72 Oxygen Alliance

Association of Biomedical Engineering in Malawi​

ABEM mission is to advance the biomedical engineering through education, research & collaboration


Association of Medical Engineers & Technicians Tanzania (AMETT)