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The Oxygen Alliance was founded on a bold vision to make a real difference in the healthcare ecosystem. In 2021, Sanrai International and Global Health Informatics Institute (GHII) came together to tackle one of the most pressing challenges in healthcare: non-functional equipment in hospitals. At the height of COVID, non-functional oxygen equipment led to countless lives being lost. But what if these devices could be repaired and put back into service? That’s where the Oxygen Alliance comes in.
Our initiative is a rallying call to all stakeholders to prioritise maintenance and repair of biomedical equipment. We know that non-functional equipment in hospitals is often the result of inadequate maintenance, misuse, or a lack of spare parts. But we also know that with proper repair, maintenance, and support, many of these devices can be brought back to life. …

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Our Pillars


Our aim is to collaborate with governments to improve or establish maintenance programs in the field of biomedical engineering, with a bias towards oxygen infrastructure, providing evidence-based support to develop effective guidelines/ policies and achieve standardised maintenance practices.

Biomedical Engineers

Our aim is to support biomedical engineers, through their national societies, achieve professional growth and overcome the challenges they face in routine maintenance by providing resources that connect you with a community of peers and make knowledge materials easily accessible


Our aim is to collaborate with companies to enhance their sustainable service in low- and middle-income countries by facilitating the availability of repair and maintenance materials, as well as accessible spare parts for customers facing challenges with international procurement.


We aim to collaborate with donors and funders in devising strategies that strike a balance between providing donor aid for new equipment and supporting the maintenance of existing equipment and including operating costs with newly donated equipment. This is in order to maximise the long-term benefits of past, present, and future donor investments and foster self-reliance in host countries.

Academic Institutions

We aim to collaborate with academic institutions to enhance the curriculum and address barriers in order to produce biomedical engineering graduates who are well-prepared to address the shortage of biomedical engineers and effectively maintain biomedical equipment.

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