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Welcome To The Oxygen Alliance


Our Offering

Our sustainable products, born out of our diverse engagements, aim to support and empower different stakeholders in the journey to building sustainable healthcare systems

Situational Analysis

Developed to engage with Ministries of Health, this tool is pivotal for assessing healthcare needs and gaps in medical equipment maintenance and usage.

User Testing

Through our community of professionals ranging from academic institutions to manufacturers, we provide a platform for innovators to test their products within key demographics

Our Offering 1 Oxygen Alliance

Case Study Tool & Journal

Tailored for academic institutions, these resources aim to enhance curriculum and promote research and publication in biomedical engineering, specifically for low- and middle-income countries.

Mobile App

Designed to further engage professional societies, this app will serve as a hub for resources, community networking, and first-hand support.

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Serving the broader Oxygen Alliance community, this newsletter will be a channel for updates, success stories, and insights into our collective progress.


These are key mediums for ongoing engagement with professional societies of biomedical engineers and manufacturers, providing platforms for knowledge sharing, updates, and capacity building.

Our Offering 3 Oxygen Alliance