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Topics of Interest: Video Library

The weekly Concentrator Talks have a short 10 minute session where a Topic of Interest is covered. These are short educational videos discussing an aspect of concentrators in more detail! This video library is all of the Topics of Interest.

Combine 2 OCs using a tee connector – How to Compressor Service Kits Compressors – Explanation of Double Wobble Control Board – Devilbiss 515 & 525 Control Boards – Troubleshooting Faulty PCBs Filters – Different ones found in OCs Filters – Different ones found in OCs Pt 2 Flowmeters – Explanation of Misuse Flowsplitter Use and Infection Prevention Hospital Wards – Assessment of Oxygen Concentrators Humidifier Bottles Humidity – Ways to Reduce It Leakages – How to Test and Fix Maintenance Activities – Monthly Maintenance Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Maintenance Activities – Weekly Negative Impact of Dust Noise Levels – How to Reduce Operating Pressures Oxygen Analyzer – How to Assemble Oxygen Concentrator Alarms Oxygen Concentrator Specifications Performance Affecting Factors Power Protective Measures Pressure Regulators – How to Adjust Pressure Swing Adsorption Process Rotary Valve Safety When Handling OCs Sensors – Oxygen Sieve Bed Refilling Pt 1 Sieve Bed Refilling Pt 2 Sieve Beds – Refilling vs Replacing Taking Care of OCs Tools Needed for Maintenance Training at Botšabelo Hospital, Lesotho Troubleshooting & Common Problems What Not To Do – Working on OCs Zeolite – Sodium vs Lithium