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Partner Talk: Low Pressure Reservoir System

In this edition of partner talks, Michael Njuguna, a biomedical engineer at Hewa Tele, walks us through their innovative low pressure reservoir system.


Since the low pressure system was designed to run with a 10L/min concentrator, is it possible to run the system with two 5L/min concentrators combined together? Expand

– The desire of the system is that it should be able to get oxygen from any concentrator without considering the flow of the machine, combining two concentrators is one way that we can fill up the tank

Is the DC compressor serviceable? Expand

Yes it is serviceable and some of the activities that are done is servicing of the piston cups

. Do you have a pressure regulator between the tank and flow meter? Expand

There is no regulator but there is a pressure switch which cuts off the pressure at 5 bars

How does the PSV kit work? Expand The kit comes with a block. One end you connect the safety valve and on the other side you connect the pressure safety test module and at the very end there is an inlet port where the pressure is fed from. Once it is pressurised it shows you how much pressure gets into the system.
Can we use the oxygenated air in the tank while the whole system is working? Expand

Yes you can. You can use the LPS as the primary source and you can use it as a backup solution, but when being used as a backup source, you need to make sure that the tank is half full.

How long does the battery last and can charging occur simultaneously with use? Expand Yes you can run them simultaneously. The primary source of power is the battery and the power supply is there to charge the battery and not primarily to run the system so it can run as long as the power supply is connected
Are you doing any motor speed control with the LPS system? Expand

The motor it is running at its maximum speed.

Why is there no filter after the oxygen concentrator? can’t the air be contaminated Expand

Since this is a closed system, the air is already filtered from the oxygen concentrator. 

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